Desert Psychlist Orion Review

"King Buffalo have created within the grooves of their debut album "Orion" a music that deserves a wider audience than the stoner/psych and doom underground niche thay currently inhabit whether this will happen is hard to say but if they continue to produce music this good, this exciting and vital then who knows what the future holds."

Stickman Records Signing and more via The Obelisk

"Only days after announcing an alliance with Tone Deaf Touring and about a week and a half removed from their appearance at The Obelisk All-Dayer at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, Rochester, New York, heavy psych pastoralists King Buffalo have hooked up with Stickman Records. The respected purveyor — home to MotorpsychoElder,Spidergawd and others — also recently snagged Papir from the ether and may just be at the start of a round of roster expansion. Their choices in with whom to work remain selective and deeply admirable."

Metal Riot Interview

"King Buffalo are one of the year’s best surprises, a drifty yet hard rocking psych band breaking out wider after three initial years now that more and more people are immersing themselves in new album Orion.

Listening to Orion is like being behind the controls in a lucid dream, navigating the soundtrack of your subconscious as it unfolds before you through blue and purple clouds, empty cities, hopes and regrets or the odd desert or two. It stirs our gypsy soul enough that we had to check in with Scott Donaldson and discuss the highly enjoyable record."

Rotation 11 Orion Review

"King Buffalo have clearly stepped up their game with their latest release entitled Orion. They have now entered Rotation 11 Editor’s Pick territory through their ability to tighten up the songwriting and deliver 45 minutes of calming textures and original landscapes. The band displays patience in their ability to let the songs breathe into a dark and entertaining journey."

#6 of 10 Best Heavy Psych Albums of 2016

It’s really simple. If you love All Them Witches, you’ll love King Buffalo. That’s not even just my imagination; they’ve already found each other and shared the stage on multiple occasions. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes them sound so alike though. King Buffalo sound a lot more grungy and they don’t mine the blues as much as their Nashville blood brothers. And yet something unmistakingly links them together. A certain haziness in the vocals, that sense of timelessness as if they were timewarped here directly from the smoky ‘70’s, but without any retro-rehashing going on. What is there not to love about this?

Skull n Bones Orion Review

"It emerges in fuzzy swaths of sound, reverberates in wiry guitars, and echoes in the weathered vocal range of Sean McVay. And while these traits emerge throughout the album, they are are fully captured when King Buffalo crank up the pace to a beast-like gallop on the album-closing epic “Drinking from the River Rising.”

Heavy Planet Orion Review

"Orion delivers a psychedelic-punch that few modern day rock bands can deliver...  and that my friends it what sets them apart. Soaring higher, Orion's sub-structure of songs melds and fuses with one another building into an euphoric frenzy that complete the record. Subsequent listens only allow the listener to realize the immense growth King Buffalo have achieved throughout these recent years. Not only is it apparent throughout Orion, but even more so during a live set."

The Obelisk Orion Review and Stream

"they benefit greatly from the open creativity on display in Orion‘s tracks and from that sense of exploration of their sound and their dynamic. It would be a great third LP, but factoring in that this is their first, Orion is even more impressive for the cohesion that so clearly rests beneath all that exploration and the skill with which the band walks the line between the two. No question it will stand among the best debuts of 2016."

Sound Fiction "Orion Subsiding" Track Preview

"we are pleased to be streaming a new track from the record titled “Orion Subsiding”, which takes listeners on a subdued, mellowed out musical journey with haunting vocals and atmospheric tendencies. As the track progresses, it crescendos into a loud, arena blasting anthem before ultimately becoming subdued once again, ending how it started. Check out the track for yourself below and you can pre-order the album now."

Rock The Best Orion Review

" "Sleeps on A Vine"  is fucking hypnotizing, engulfing you in a crescendo instrumental and rhythmic which finishes with another explosive sandy storm. To highlight the vocal timbre of  Sean McVay  plunking down to  Ozzy Osbourne , one of his idols to be sure.  "Kerosene"  has a lot of 'groove' rhythmic guitar but it is still another great song of  Heavy Psych 70's  of good.  "Down from the Sky "  lowers the excessiveness 'Fuzz' for acoustic delight us with a good melody. The  "Planet Caravan"  particularly these  King Buffalo ..." - translated from spanish

Thy Demons be Scribbin Orion Review

"This album is fantastic and I've listened to it several times in the past couple of days. Honestly, I've had a hard time getting the rest of my reviews done for this week because I keep wanting to come back to this album. Bias got me to listen once but the fact it's fantastic has me on about my 20th spin in the last 72 hours or so. I could go through each track individually but the fact is they're all good, they all alternate between big fat grooves and trippy progressive grooves and there isn't a song I've skipped over at any point yet. The only hard part of this review is picking just one or two tracks to call my favorite, they're all f'ing great! "

Echoes and Dust Orion Review

"For a debut album this is highly impressive stuff, which leaves us wanting more. It’s a fulfilling listen with zero filler (highly remarkable for stoner rock) and works as a whole too. King Buffalo have a sound in their heads and they are prepared to stick to their guns in delivering it. That they have succeeded is a welcome sing and we can only hope they continue in this vein. Say hello to the new kids in town, they’ve got a real treat in store for you here."