RAIG Demo Review

“I’m not a big fan of modern EP’s. The “singles” and “extended plays” were proved in the 60-70’s when bands were able to make real hit-songs and radios mainly accepted “small” vinyl’s for rotations. Nowadays, it’s just a fashion… Not only young musicians (for the most cases) lack the hit-making abilities, they simply have no passion and patience to make a long-play album work. However, exceptions are possible… KING BUFFALO from Rochester NY, for example, have produced a very promising 3-song demo-EP. Though it’s a sort of “quick demo” which supposed to be properly re-mixed in future, it demonstrates that ex-members of Velvet Elvis and Abandoned Buildings Club have great talents and serious ambitions. Their demo presents nontrivial approach to “retro-heavy-rock” in combination of the classic-rock, psychedelic and proto-doom music influences. Check it out for sure…and if it comes to “full-length” album, which will be more songs of the same level as that provided by the three, then … I’m ready I will admit that sometimes issue short semis makes sense … So, wait, watch, and, of course, I wish the team the best of luck and success. and let’s wait for the band’s next move.”