Spader Ess Demo Review

“3 songs , written in the turbulent period after VE dismantling and recorded over 2 days in the rehearsal room . A fact that you would normally think would be a pretty raw milled material , but I must say I find it to be surprisingly good material, both seen from the recording / production angle , but also that the songs themselves are of such high quality. Better than a lot of commercially recorded albums I’ve heard.

Proceeding in similar traces of heavy psychedelic blues rock as before, but the demo shows, further development. …The singing is more concise and accurate this time. The music is very beautiful, laid-back and meditative hypnotic while grooving as hell. There is also a feature of progressive folk and even slightly tribal features hidden in the details that I like and also the beautifully blending between fuzzed out riffs and brittle sounding clean guitars. I get associations to a raw, heavy and somewhat spaced out Neil Young at times and sometimes a hint of The Doors , but in a more modern twist. Clearly more rocking and perhaps not quite as psychedelic as The New Alchemy , but there is also here similarities . Simply put , Damn good.

I give this demo 4 aces out of 5 simply because I find it surprisingly well done and it gives great hope for future full-length works.”